1. Why can’t I access Employee Self Service?

When payroll is running or changes are being made, you will not be able to update your information and will receive a message to check back later.

2. Why do I keep receiving an error message when updating my withholding?

The declaration box must be checked to certify that you are entitled to the number of withholdings allowances claimed or that you are entitled to claim exempt status.

3. How do I navigate to another service? For example, from Personal Information to Payroll Information?

Click the appropriate link on the dark blue ribbon at the top of the page. You can move to any of the sections this way.

4. How do I get back to the Overview page?

Click the Overview link on the dark blue ribbon at the top of the page. You can move to any of the sections this way.

5. How do I make the print larger?

This is a browser setting and can be changed in your browser’s options menu.

6. Why is the system not allowing me to save my address?

If you live in Maryland, you will need to select the county you live in. You can click on the dropdown list and choose your county. A major intersection is also required.

7. How do I enter my phone number?

The area code and phone number fields are 2 separate fields. After filling in your area code, simply press tab to get to the next field, or click in the next field to enter the phone number.

8. Why can’t I see my personal benefits selections in the Benefits Information section?

The Benefits Information section is there to allow you to view the benefits choices being offered by your employer. There is no way to see your personal benefits information in Employee Self Service.

9. Why can’t I see the Direct Deposit or Tax Withholdings services?

Employees who are not designated as having their I-9 paperwork on file will not have access to these services.  If you feel this is a mistake, please contact your HR/Payroll administrator.

10. Why doesn’t single sign on work for ESS?

Single sign on has been disabled for this service for security reasons.