1. How can I access the Bargaining Unit Internal Transfer Checklist?

2. How do I change hire dates (client communication)?

3. How do I change the Cost Center or Internal Order on a Bonus/Supp Payment?

4. How do I access the COEUS System Access for Non Employees?

5. What are the departmental HR best practices?

6. How do you establish a substitute approver?

7. How to move student employees between wage and fellowship positions?

8. Where do you find FLSA status and EEO category for a job?

9. How do you process an ISR for a JHU Bargaining Unit?

10. Is there a JHU pay reduction calculator?

11. What are the guidelines for S1 employee subgroups?

12. How do you find out information concerning moving allowance reimbursement?

13. Is there a report you can run in Analysis to view employees who are not eligible for rehire?

14. Is there information concerning a JHU staff/faculty transferring within the organization?

15. Is there a template for organization transfer of a JHU staff/faculty employee?

16. What do you do for a position change that requires a termination and hire?

17. How do you calculate overtime pay for an employee using the Rate-in-Effect method?

18. What is the Sponsored funds procedure for JHU semi-monthly faculty, staff and students?

19. How do you stop a ECC transaction?

20. How do you convert a student to staff?

21. How do you give SAP system access for a non-employee?

22. What is the JHU work schedule rule?

23. I received an error when running the JHU work schedule, why?

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