HR Transaction Types & Reasons

SAP transaction and position information including Required Second Approvers, Employment Actions (EA), Organizational Management Tool (OMT), Miscellaneous Deductions and Internal Service Request (ISR).

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Hire, Faculty, CTY and Student 

LOA and Temp Inactive 

Position, Job Code, and Org 

Salary Change, Hours Change and Bonus Supplemental Pay 

Termination / Retirement 

Reason Code Guide for the Hiring Process

Temp Inactive Policy

Inter-Affiliate Transfer Guidelines

Inter-Org Transfer Guidelines

HR Transactions Approval Standards

Setting Up Fellowship Recipients in SAP

Required Second Approvers

Faculty Approver II Matrix

JHHS Approver II Matrix

Staff Approver II Matrix

Student Approver II Matrix

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Employment Actions (EA)

The Employment Action (EA) application allows users to submit, approve and reject HR lifecycle actions within organizational units (departments) that you have permission to access. EA leverages an automated workflow to transport the HR action to the departmental or enterprise approvers based on the established structural authorization.

All ISR types, with the exception of Position Creates and Position Copies (which use the Organizational Management Tool) will eventually be replaced by the Employment Action application. Additionally, EA offers a streamlined automated workflow, including validations to prevent inaccurate or mismatched data from being entered or rekeyed, and uploads HR actions directly into SAP.

Navigation Training Materials

Navigating Employment Actions

Resources by Action Type

Salary Changes

Bonus and Supplemental Payments



Leave of Absence/Return from Leave of Absence

Temp Inactive/Return from Temp Inactive

Reporting Training Materials

Reporting using the Employment Action Application

BW Employment Action Reporting

Additional EA Support Materials

JHU EA Support SharePoint Website

JHHS EA Support SharePoint Website

EA Workflow Change Request Form (coming soon)

Organizational Management Tool (OMT)

The Organizational Management Tool (OMT) allows you to view, edit, and create positions within the organizational units (departments) that you have permission to access. OMT is replacing the current ISR process for creating, copying, or maintaining vacant positions. Approval routing based on the request is automated in OMT. OMT offers a streamlined and self-service approach for managing positions within the Johns Hopkins organization.


  • JHU OMT Go-Live: August 8, 2022
  • JHHS OMT Go-Live: Phased rollout calendar year 2023

JHU OMT Job Aids and Training Materials

JHHS OMT Job Aids and Training Materials

Miscellaneous Deductions

Internal Service Request (ISR)

BW Report: ISR Status Detail

Report Description: A report that shows each step in the lifecycle of an ISR. You can use this to help identify bottlenecks in the approval process and tweak your procedures for improved outcomes. 

Location: Documents>Public Folders>Enterprise SAP BW>Human Resources >Payroll Admin

Update Schedule: Nightly

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Navigating the Business (ISR) Workplace

New ISR Report

Position Maintain PAC ISR Walk Through

Reinitiate Rejected ISRs

Validate Position and SSN Tool

Business Workplace Notifications

ISR Deletion Request Form

Processing a Coeus ISR

ISR Workflow Work Item Locator

Setting up your Business Workplace Layout for Approving ISRs

JHHS Position Maintain Hints

JHU Position Maintain Hints

Mini Master Position Create/Copy ISR Instructions

ISR Reason Code Guide for the Hiring Process

JHHS EEs Over Max Pay

Reviewing an ISR Log

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