1. What is Employee Self Service?

An application that allows an employee to update or view personal, payroll, time and benefits information.

2. How do I access Employee Self Service?

  • Go to https://my.jh.edu/ 
  • Log in with your JHED ID and password
  • Click on the HR Icon
  • Select ESS

3. How long does it take for the changes to go into effect?

Changes go into effect immediately

4. I am a new hire and do not have access to ESS. Why am I not able to access my information?

HR/Payroll must receive your hire information and have it processed in the payroll system before you will have access. Check with your department HR/payroll representative if you have questions or try again later.

5. Who has access to ESS?

All employees paid via SAP with a few exceptions. Those exceptions include:

  • Employees that have an I-9 hold on infotype 001 or I-9 pending on infotype 94 will not be able to access tax or direct deposit information until the hold has been removed.
  • Non Resident Aliens (NRA) will not be able to change withholding information.
  • Employees with foreign addresses will not be able to access permanent address information.
  • Terminated staff with term dates after ESS go-live will be able to change their permanent address and view their pay stubs through the end of the following calendar year. For example, if employment ends in January of 2023, ESS access will be available through the end of 2024. 
  • Terminated staff with term dates prior to ESS go live will not have any access to ESS.

6. When will new employees be able to access ESS?

New hires can access ESS as soon as they have been assigned a JHED ID and password.

7. Will I be able to access this from home?

Yes, you do not need to be on the Hopkins network to access ESS.