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How to Set Up your Direct Deposit?
Employees can send their pay directly to their bank accounts each payday and can avoid the inconvenience of having to cash or deposit a paper check and waiting for it to clear. Read More
Understanding your Pay Stub
A pay stub, also called a “Remuneration” or “rem” statement,” summarizes how your total earnings were distributed, including how much you paid in taxes, how much was deducted for benefits, and the total amounts paid to you after deductions. View a detailed diagram.
What is the W-4 Form?
A W-4 form, formally called the “Employee’s Withholding Certificate,” is an IRS form that employees typically fill out when starting a new job to indicate how much tax employers should withhold from an employee’s paycheck throughout the year. W4 should be updated in ESS.  Here is a copy of the IRS form to use as a guide when entering/updating your information.  Read More