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Work Modality Update (Updated 7/1/2023) JHU ONLY: “No Break In Service” Temp Inactive Process in Employment Actions (Updated 6/16/2023) New Temp Inactive Function Guidelines (Updated 6/5/2023)

Payroll Bulletins

October, 2023

Payroll Bulletin: October 2023

Thank you for reading the inaugural edition of the Johns Hopkins Payroll Bulletin! We look forward to bringing you helpful updates and information each quarter.

Payroll Bulletins

October, 2023

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FICA Limits by Year

FICA, Federal Insurance Contributions Act, is a U.S. Federal payroll tax and is deducted from each paycheck. In this section, you will find annual FICA Limits, Pay Schedules and Monthly Statistics. Year End Payroll Checklist FICA Limits: 2022: $147,000 2021: $142,800 2020: $137,700 2019: $132,900 2018: $128,400 2017: $127,200 2016: $118,500 2015: $118,500 2014: $117,000 […]


W-2: Current Employee

In this section, you will find W-2 Information pertaining to current employees.  Click Here to Access Employee Self Service (ESS) The instructions provided in the “FAQ“, “W-2 Access“, “W-2 Consent” and “ESS Access/Help” sections have been carefully designed to answer many of your questions. We encourage you to read the information provided in these tabs to […]

W-2: Former Employee

In this section, you will find W-2 Information pertaining to former employees. All former employees will be mailed a copy of their W-2 to the last home address on file. This is true even if you previously elected to receive your W-2 electronically.  Former employees can login to Employee Self Service (ESS) with a personal email […]